Saya dapat cerita lucu dari guru bahasa inggris saya,,, silahkan dibaca… semoga terhibur 😀

Cerita Satu:

A teacher set an arithmetic problem.

“You have six pounds in your pocket. You lose four. What do you have in your pocket?”

Quickly came the answer, “A hole”.


Cerita Dua:

A man went to shoeshop to buy shoes. He tried many pairs of shoes on his feet. Finally, he was satisfied.

“At last,” he said. “I have found a pair of shoes that fit me.”

“I am not surprised,” replied the weary salesperson, “They are your own shoes.”


Cerita Tiga:

A lot of boys and girls in modern countries are wearing the same kinds of clothes, and many of them have long hair. Therefore, it is often difficult to tell whether they are boys or girls.

One day, an old gentleman went for a walk in a park in Washington. When he was tired, he sat down on a bench. There was a young girl standing on the other side of the pond.

“My goodness!” the old man said to the person who was sitting next to him on the bench. “Do you see that person with the loose pants and long hair? Is it a boy or a girl?”

“A girl,” said his neighbor, “She is my daughter.”

“Oh!” the old gentleman said quickly, “Please forgive me. I didn’t know that you were her mother.”

“I’m not,” said the person, “I’m her father.”


Source: elementary story for reproduction